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Pro-50  2H Maroon/Red/Orange


Professional 0H Mint/Harlequin



Models of bowls available

A phenomenally successful and popular model of bowl used by many top ranking players. The Professional is a mid bias bowl with a gradual and consistent finish offering a wide range of shot options, making it superb for both indoor and outdoor use.

Pro 50

The Pro 50 is identical in profile and performance to the incredibley popular Professional model, the only difference is in the grip


The bias of the Drakes Pride FIneline is not too dissimilar to the Professional Model. It has a slightly less bias and a softer, less pronounced finish to the jack. Its is suited for bothe indoor and outdoor use.

A minimum bias bowl with a unique shape making it the ultimate model for faster rinks and those notoriously difficult and narrow end rinks. 

The Liberty has been designed as a bowl for fast outdoor greens or synthetic carpet with a bigger finish at the end.






Please note design number for bowls and email to me. All accessories can be ordered by email.





Accessories Price list

Rinklock 11ft String Measure $28


Supalock Gold 9ft String Measure  $25


Peg measure $10


Get-A-Grip Cloth$6.50


Winwax  $8


Betts Bowls Grip $8


Polishing Sleeve  $8


Bowls Sheen  $11


Booster Bowls Lifter  $36
lightweight aluminum, telescoping


Three part bowl & jack lifter  $26


Collapsible Bowl & Jack Lifter  $20 Special price


Rubber Bowls Large Wedges - Pair $5.95


Rubber Bowls Wedges (Set of 4)  $7.50


Four Bowl Carrier $19


White/Yellow jacks $25 hvy $35


Accessory Pouch   $16


Bowling Arm $220


Coming soon


Hensilite ABT 2000 Size 3H

Med Bias plus shipping $25


Drakes Pride Advantage Size 2H

Plus shipping $25


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